NGK.IO was developed by the SPIRIT STONE team of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is the world's top high-tech and technological innovation industrial zone. The NGK.IO blockchain system was born here. The SPIRIT STONE team was founded in 2015 by the United States and consists of the local, Indian and Asian people.

The team members have worked for various top technology companies such as Intel, Cisco, and Oracle. They were acquired by the USA International Covenant INC in 2018 and became its technology department.

Members of SPIRIT STONE have been responsible for multiple P2P networks. They have rich working experience and participated in technology development from software programming to AI artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain and other advanced industries.

SPIRIT STONE is the first developer in the United States to use distributed storage and smart contracts to design underlying credit agreements.

As a group of pioneers, they provide support for distributed applications with innovative underlying protocols, ensure the consistency and availability of the entire network, break through traditional technical barriers in distributed-protocol and application technologies, and thus, became one of the top blockchain technology teams in Silicon Valley.