NGK update announcement

Dear NGK global users:

We are honored to inform you that NGK will be updated soon. This update includes the following:

First, we have completed the internal testing of the NGK Starry Sky Project, which will be officially launched on March 8, 2021, California time, together with the SPC tokens and its sub-coin VAST. The airdrops will be given to the computing power holders as additional rewards. The issuance rules of SPC are as follows:

1. SPC mining rules

The total issuance of SPC is 100 million units;

2 rounds of airdrop with a total of 4 million units;

The remaining 96 million units will be mined and issued once a week with 2 million units each time (to each computing power holder on average according to the total computing power of the entire network). The issuance will be completed within 48 weeks.

For example, if the total computing power of the entire network is 5 million, then 2 million divided by 5 million = 0.4. So, each computing power holder can obtain 0.4 SPC. If the user holds 1000 computing power, then he or she can obtain 400 SPC. (not available to invalid users)

At the same time, a brand-new page will be provided for you to view the total computing power of the entire network, your computing power holdings, and the number of SPC you can obtain weekly.

2. VAST mining rules

In addition, we will launch the sub-coin of SPC token, VAST. 

The total issuance of VAST is 100,000 units. First exchange first served, while stock lasts.

You can obtain VAST star value by holding SPC.

The issuance rules of star value are as follows:

①The first star value will be rewarded when the computing power of the entire network reaches 7 million, and with every increase of by 500,000, the star value will be rewarded once;

The amount of star value for each reward is according to the number of SPC held by the user on the day of the reward;

For example, on the day when the star value is rewarded, the user can obtain 1 star value by holding 1 SPC.

Both SPC and VAST will be launched on mainstream exchanges in the future, and users can freely trade in the secondary market. We will also build more ecosystems to maintain the value of SPC and VAST, creating market consensus.

Note: All rights reserved by NGK. 

Second, opening the deposit and withdrawal of TRC20

Third, the NGKEX has entered the final stage of internal testing, and it will be officially launched soon. After that, you can trade through NGKEX.

Please stay tuned to NGK official website for more information about SPC, VAST and NGKEX. Thank you for your continued support.