The architecture of NGK consists of 21 block-producing nodes to provide the total computing power of the entire network.

The computing power can be simply understood as computing power. The unit of measurement is hash/s. You can use USDN to purchase computing power.

The initial set reward is 1 block/14.2694 NGK , The produced NGK enters the Worker Proposal ecological fund pool and is distributed according to the amount of computing power held, thus the NGK digital gain platform was born.

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NGK.IO is developed by the Spirit Stone team. It applies a distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm to provide the businesses and users with an effective platform that issuing digital tokens.

NGK.IO realizes the economy into blockchain and the underlying blockchain technology can provide a powerful transaction and secured storage environment. NGK.IO aims to establish a safe, verifiable, fair, decentralized, trustless and borderless business ecosystem.


NGK Wallet is based on an independent blockchain. It is a wallet that supports IOS and Android versions. With the advantages of safe storage and fast transactions, NGK Wallet can be used to store any asset on the NGK.IO blockchain, and thus allowing the users to view asset details and transactions.

By adopting a multi-account management system and supporting simultaneous import function, NGK Wallet will be compatible with the digital assets of other blockchains in the future, as well as connecting DAPP and decentralized digital wealth management services.