Chief Technology Officer of NGK

Stephen was born in San Francisco and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. He used to be the leader of Intel’s system research engineering group. He has an extensive work experience in the software development, system architecture, network communications and other top technologies.

He was mainly responsible during his tenure at Intel for electronic chip adaptation, testing and related system construction.

Through his extensive working experience, Stephen has a very in-depth understanding of the program and now he is the Chief Technology Officer of NGK.IO distributed system, the Chief Executive Officer of the company and responsible for the underlying blockchain, cryptocurrency and network security departments, as well as the relevant guidance work of the hardware components of adaptation compatibility and scalability.

He once published relevant speeches about the future of the Internet at the Silicon Valley Global Blockchain Summit and invited by many well-known companies to serve as a technical consultant.

At the same time, Stephen is also a tennis enthusiast. He served as an ambassador for environment, health, education and publicity at Stanford University near Silicon Valley.