NGK digital wallet is based on NGK.IO blockchain technology and has multiple layers of protection. So far, it has kept hundreds of billions of assets for the users, which are safe and secure.

NGK native tokens are used as block production rewards for the block producers, candidate node voting rewards, transaction fees, pledge voting, and making it to have unlimited prospects.

The algorithmic stablecoin USDN smart contract,simulates the increase or tightening of the currency supply by the central bank to maintain the relative stability of the currency price.

In the future, NGK token will also be used in all businesses, including eight industries: entertainment, biotechnology, real estate, finance, digital economy, winery, new energy and sports.

NGK is committed to accelerate the adoption of global blockchain through a composable heterogeneous multi-chain system, open source model, and an open and business-friendly ecosystem. In the future, "NGK.IO" will provide medium-term services for DAPP developers on the side chain.

The English version of the development documentation, developer tools, Javascript SDK, and rich sample codes allow the developers to focus on product function development and efficiently complete the product application deployment on the NGK.IO’s side chain.