Announcement: The launch of NGKEX

Dear NGK global users:

Hello, thank you for your long-term trust, support and company. The NGK project team members spent several months, after multiple rounds of testing and improvement, it is planned to go live on March 5, 2021 (California time), and the official login domain name is WWW. NGKEX.IO.NGKEX Ecological Research Institute, NGKEX Ecological Research Institute will meet the needs of NGK ecological builders for NGK, BGV, SPC, USDN, VAST and other major NGK currency transactions; at the same time, it will also promote the issuance of NGK. The transaction and circulation of various side chain coins play an ecological role. It also supports over-the-counter and over-the-counter transactions, currency transactions, contract transactions and leveraged transactions. In addition, credit card purchases will be open in the near future.

The NGKEX will become the world's leading exchange for blockchain and tokens, providing a wide range of token transactions, blockchain education, blockchain project cultivation, blockchain asset issuance platforms, blockchain research institutes, as well as blockchain public welfare and charity services. The ecological builders cover more than 180 countries and regions around the world, with a core memory matching technology of 12,038 units/sec. After it is launched, the NGKEX will be one of the world’s fastest platforms for cryptocurrency transactions, and one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is worth noting that this newly launched NGKEX has simplified the complicated processes, providing a better user experience and faster transaction speeds for the ecological builders. Thus, it has created a brand-new zero-code platform for technical and non-technical project founders. Furthermore, it has lower entry threshold, so that anyone can create fund pools on the platform to provide liquidity for the currency. In addition, the NGKEX adopted a distributed protocol to maximize the security of the ecological builders' assets. The launch of the NGKEX is expected to attract more project migration, create new tokens and liquidity for on-chain transactions, bringing a new gameplay to the DeFi model.

The NGK always puts the interests of ecological builders first, and it is committed to providing a safe, fair, open, and efficient blockchain digital asset trading environment. With that, an all-round blockchain ecosystem is established with the blockchain as the core. The NGK ecological builders will work together to create a new blockchain world and a history of blockchain.  


March 5, 2021