Rich resources to provide high-quality asset liquidity


The second contract is a game built into the NGK platform. It analyses the big data in the blockchain market which helps the tokens to circulate rapidly.

The players can choose different tokens to conduct the transactions.

In the future, NGK online will be in the mainnet, and the contracts on the mainnet will be used by NGK as analytical data to create delivery contracts and perpetual contracts in the secondary market, further promote the ecological development of NGK, and not only achieve the internal circulation, but also leverage the external ecological value.


There is a digital mall in the NGK platform, which allows using different tokens to buy goods. The eight major industries have connected NGK and USDN to facilitate the implementation of NGK's commercial economy.

The users can also participate in it and enjoy a complete shopping experience that consists of decentralized product traceability, logistics tracking, and information verification.


You can buy and sell orders freely in the platform, issue token commissions, and buy and sell computing power to achieve the sharing and autonomy among users, making the transactions more efficient and safer.

NGK as a platform for diversified development, promotes business in all possible ways and builds a consensus value network.

In the future, the transactions will be based on the decentralized OTC created by NGK.IO, and blockchain will be used to release commissions and record information to achieve matching transactions through decentralized governance solutions.


The “Explorer”is a blockchain browser officially created by NGK.IO, which displays the data on the blockchain and optimizes the page for the users in a simpler way.

Continuously, NGK.IO will provide some excellent DAPP advertising supports.


Work in progress, please stay tuned.